The problem for Matchbox was that Popy tended to make figures as big or small as they liked with no real strict sizes. Their Chogokin figures were an example of this, and the larger DX versions of figures could be anywhere from 6" to over a foot tall, though the ST versions generally behaved themselves and stayed between 5-6".

Thus came the slightly skewed initial Voltron toyline - the Miniature Voltron I (ST Dairugger XV) and Miniature Voltron III (ST Golion) were more or less the same size. However, the Miniature Voltron II (ST Albegas) incorporated that robot's separation, and thus was three robots, each around the same 6" height. The DX Albegas, released as the Deluxe Voltron II, wasn't much taller than this, with threee 8" figures. Then came the Deluxe Voltron III, a typical foot-tall Popy DX.

The Vehicle Voltron, though, was another matter. The hugely complex 15-unit combination had obviously posed a few problems for Popy's design budget, and thus the DX version was one of the smaller figures in the range, at around 7" tall, presumably due to the cost of the thing. However, Popy decided they would make a fully-combining version of Dairugger XV, and thus a 14" version was made. This sat outside the Chogokin range due to its' all-plastic construction (to keep costs down and stop the thing weighing too much for shelves to take...), and was the model picked as the Deluxe Vehicle Volton by Matchbox. It was thus the largest figure in the range by a clear couple of inches.

As in Japan, the Voltron set was avaliable as either three teams of five vehicles (each team having a combined mode), or a complete boxed set - in both cases, the set seems to be more commonly found. Like the rest of the range, it was modified for the West. The sticker sheet was omitted, additional chrome antennae on some units were omitted, as were the leg-mounted launchers and the sword. Unlike the smaller figure, the spring-loaded fists remained - presumably these were large enough to pass industry choke-tests of the time.

For ease of reading (and to save loading time) I've split this review up into four smaller segments - one for each of the teams, and one for Voltron itself.