Action - The Sevenpenny Nightmare
Fleetway's tabloid-baiting violence-packed kids' comic from the days of punk.

A useful massive database of CD information, easy to use, and featuring generally fair, brief reviews of most albums. Very handy.

The Anorak Zone
Witty, irreverent but loving cluster of sites covering Blake's 7, Sapphire and Steel, The Prisoner, the 2005 revival of Doctor Who and some stuff I haven't seen.

Bassman's David Bowie Page
Not as terrible as the name would suggest. A little dry, but still invaluable for its' great big list of bootlegs.

Easy to use, safe online collective of Lego dealers. The best place to go for parts (full kits tend to be cheaper on ebay still) for replacements or custom models.

A Brief History of Time (Travel)
A nice straightforward guide to the production of Doctor Who, without battering you into a trivia-induced coma, unlike Andrew Pixley.

Cat with Bow Golf
Well, that's certainly original. 38 under par is my best.

Chameleon Circuit
Fan-designed video covers for hundreds of Doctor Who video covers in a uniform style... Like porn for obsessive fans. Of which I am not one. Nosireee.

Collection DX
Toy robot reviews from the past and present, plus news of the ones from the future.

Dee D. Jackson - The Website
Sci-fi disco slut, you say?

The Exorcist in 30 Seconds with Bunnies
Does exactly what it says on the motherbanging tin.

Excellent blog featuring links to Japanese toy reviews, customs and some of the most fun toy pictures you'll ever see.

Jamie McGregor and Enoch Yan-Tak Law's lovingly crafted tribute to Formula 1 drivers who tended to be a bit on the rubbish side. Actual updates to this section of the site tend to be yearly, but it's always worth swinging by for the only decent reviews of current races, now also available in hilarious Podcast form.

Fulham Football Club
Okay, they're not brilliant, and our site's history page tends to focus largely on the fact George Best turned out for us a few times. But it's Fulham, c'mon...
Microprose's Grand Prix 2 is the greatest racing game of all time. This site features all manner of add-ons (new car skins, new tracks, applications etc.) to make it even greatester. Oh yes.

Guardian Unlimited Football
A football site that's both funny and informative? No, it's not some weird dream, but in fact an online subsection of the paper the students all pretend to read. Notables include the daily email The Fiver and The Gallery.

Illustrated db Discography
An illustrated David Bowie discography. Helpfully lists all sorts of releases, and features an A-Z of songs, together with details of official and unofficial releases. Great for sorting out whether those "Bowie Rare Song UNRELEASED" MP3s you got off Soulseek are kosher or not.

Lament of a Premier League Footballer
Totally real blog of Liverpool oaf Dirk Kuyt. Sadly not updated for about a year, due to Kuyt being slightly less comically inept of late.

Loose Cannon Doctor Who Reconstructions
Fan-made non-profit reconstructions of lost Doctor Who episodes. Fascinating for the detailing of the reconstructions alone, never mind the ability to order these masterpieces.

Mangohero's Transformers Shop UK
A British-based Transformers selling & trading site with decent prices, reasonable shipping and a nice owner? Too good to be true you say? Well, it is true, and it is good. Highly recommended.

Modifighters: Blast Attack
The Zybots of the future in online Flash game fun. The toys are awful, but this is rather fun.

A comprehensive and beautifully designed Japan discography page.

Official Damned
Homepage of The Best Band In The Bloody World™. Downloads and tour dates a go-go.

Officially Pronounced Dead?
A wonderfully exhaustive and absorbing site devoted to the "Paul is Dead" urban myth.

Peeron Lego Set Inventories
Does what is says on the tin, but also includes instruction and catalogue scans. An excellent resource for Lego fans.

Phoenix King
Before stardom as part of Transformers beckoned, everyone's third or fourth favourite transforming fire engine Inferno had a brief solo career as the star of a bloody awful Korean anime.

Planetary Comic Appreciation Page
Probably the best comic running today, Warren Ellis' Planetary gets the thoughtful treatment it deserves thanks to long, loving analysis of every issue. A vital companion to the series.

Matt Marshall's hilarious collection of articles on whatever he damn well pleases, including (but not limited to) Doctor Who, Transformers, Thunderbirds 2086, bad RPG characters and Usbourne Adventure Books.

Silver Acre Comics
The best place to buy comics online in the UK, especially if your only other choice is to give money to those bastards at Forbidden Planet. Huge browseable online catalogue, reasonable prices, a real location to keep you paranoid bastards happy (phone number and everything) and great service.

Toybox DX
A shrine to vintage Japanese diecast toys, and where I steal all my information from. Notables include the Datafiles (with comprehensive guides to the output of Popy, Takatoku, Clover and more) and the very friendly Phorum.

The Transformers Archive
A Transformers site that features actual interesting content like fanfic, reviews and fan art, instead of just copy-and-pastes from Hasbro's website (though it does have those too). Also features the best damn discussion board in the world, where I hang out shouting at barely-literate Americans. Woo.

TV Cream
Media nostalgia with a sense of humour. If you were a British child at any point between about 1965 and 1985, this site is a must-visit. You'll never leave. Downloadable theme tunes too!

Virtual Debris
Denyer's online neural cluster of all things intelligent and helpful. It's like walking around in his brain. Just try not to knock anything over.

The Whoniverse
A vital Doctor Who continuity guide for the Virgin and BBC books which started in 1991, as well as the new series. Lots of good bits, and a fun board that isn't full of insane fanboy nutcases.

Cultural phenomenon. The sort of thing that'd be getting referenced in Buffy a lot if Buffy hadn't been cancelled. Editable encyclopaedia with answers to most things, and when you get bored with that, some hilarious bitch-fights between ego-mad contributors.

Wildtoys' Shogun Warriors Page
Mattel's shortlived, spring-loaded import of Popy toys detailed in a loving fashion.