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Code: LK-20
Year: 1986
Parts: 9

The Traidons and Kranials were humanoid races who landed on Linkit during the war between Good and Bad Robugs. The Traidons were humans who sided with the Good ones, the Kranials aliens who sided with the bad ones.

The figures themselves were a single connector, to which rubber heads, limbs and belts could be attached. Four styles were made - a male Traidon (who looked like Alan Tracy - despite the artwork showing the chap with brown hair, it only seems to have been made as a blond), a female Traidon, a Kranial with an eye-covering helmet and a Kranial with a 'metal' cap. The latter is the hardest of the four to find. There might be variations on the belts, which came in a few styles and colours (all types are an absolute pain to get on, however). All were sold on the same generic card.