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Code: LK-4
Year: 1986
Parts: 41
Instructions: Download

The Stridants were wild Linkit creatures that roamed the planet's Purple Plains, and weren't adverse to eating Robugs. While technically they were just part of the wildlife, I've always thought of them as bad Robug toys. And I am the law here.

Stridants are basically a long chain of connectors and links arranged in a 'n' shape. The resulting figures are actually pretty good fun, if simple. They look just like some sort of gangly mutant robot, and the joints on the legs meant they can be posed in all sorts of ways, and you can just imagine the graceless, awkward gait the things would have. The little arms add to the speedy predator look. The colours work nicely too - brown and tan - while the glow-in-the-dark eyes are pretty cool, lending them a malevolent look in dull light.