Aside from the comic in Eagle (which I am planning to track down), the only real tie-in media for Linkits was this story cassette, packed with the basic Robug figures, and later one of the Workshop sets. This tells the origin of the conflict on planet Linkit, introducing Ricky Linkit in the process. For something like this, it's actually rather sweet. The story is read by Edward Judd - star of a number of British 1960s sci-fi films - and it's got a lovely, quirky style. Matchbox' promotional team for the line obviously read a fair bit of Hitch-Hikers' Guide, thus it's got a smug computer, declares baked beans on toast to be a Linkit delicacy, has the narrator arguing with himself, plugs the Rubik's Cube and just generally doesn't take itself seriously. Worth a listen =)

Side 1 [16m 27s/15.0MB]
Side 2 [16m 24s/15.0MB]