F A K E_ L I G H T A N

Fake Lightan wasn't part of the Lightan series, and he wasn't designed by Popy or Plex. His special feature is being fake, which he manages admirably. This is because Fake Lightan is a knock-off released under the Machine Robot (sic) line.

This series generally specialised in knock-offs of early Popy-designed Machine Robo figures - I've seen Steam Robo, Jet Robo, Shuttle Robo, Bulldozer Robo, Dump Robo and Police Robo (with a botched paint job).

This figure was apparently MR-04 in the series and of course uses Lightan as a source.

However, it's actually quite a different toy. Gold Lightan was obviously the inspiration, with a similar shape in lighter mode, the same 'pyramid' pattern, and a vaguely similar head design.

The original was clearly too complex to be cheaply copied by the Taiwanese manufacturer, so instead the toy's been basically redesigned. Not only is it coloured silver, but the diecast section doesn't open at all. Instead plastic limbs simply pull out from the sides and bottom, and the head flips up from the top. Add into this that the casting on the head is a little indistinct (and thus not particularly like Gold Lightan) and the Machine Robot people have basically made a new Lightan.

The figure lacks badly in quality, the diecast parts not fitting together properly and the plastic being quite cheap. While it's not a staggering figure in its' own right, it's an interesting piece for Lightan collectors to keep an eye out for.