First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 400m. Weight: 49,000t.

The ship was built by the Sixth Civilisation, and discovered by the colonists on Solo (hence the name). The ship was very advanced, being equipped with a DS drive and a barrier, both powered by the Ide. In addition it had a normal engine and numerous Glen Cannon turrets installed.

The ship was designed to integrate with the Ideon, the bows folding up to accommodate the robot, with a lift system running from the various access ports. Once the robot was undocked, the bows would move to a flat position again, allowing the Ideon to be stored in its' vehicular modules. The four large engines could also vary their positions, being deployed horizontally for flight or vertically for landing or hovering, giving the ship VTOL capability. The ship was also found to have a small forest located behind the bridge, which provided the colonists with agricultural capability. While the Solo Ship was generally kept out of combat due to the civilians onboard when it was called into direct action its' armament and barrier made it a powerful unit.

The Solo Ship was eventually destroyed when the Ideon and the Gando Rowa exploded after their final confrontation.