First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 46/49.5m Weight: 2,542t. Crew: 2

The C Mecha unit of Ideon could shift between an armoured truck (Sol-Conver) and a jet fighter (Ideo-Buster), and also formed the waist and legs of the robot. When it was modified by the Solo colonists, the Ideo-Buster was given multiple missile launchers, and a pack of three retractable nose-mounted Glen Cannon.

While the Ideo-Buster was by far the largest of the Ideon units, it was still fast and manoeuvrable and second only to the Ideo-Delta in terms of success at dog-fighting with Buff Clan fighter craft. One quirk was due to the placement of the missile launchers for the Ideon they were positioned on the underside of the Ideo-Buster, meaning the jet had to bank to fire them. The craft was piloted by Kasha throughout the entire series, while Tekuno usually handled co-piloting duties. When in combined form, the Ideo-Buster cockpit was responsible for the leg movement of the Ideon, the leg-mounted missiles and the waist Glen Cannon turret (usually operated by Tekuno).