First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 26.8/28.5m. Weight: 1,965t. Crew: 2

The B Mecha unit of Ideon could shift between an armoured truck (Sol-Vainer) and a flying gunship (Ideo-Nova), and also formed the torso and engine room of the robot. When it was modified by the Solo colonists, the Ideo-Nova was given a pair of large side-mounted Glen Cannon and two banks of missile launchers.

Compared to the other two Ideon jets, the Ideo-Nova was slow, lightly armed and unmanoeuvrable. It also may have suffered from having poorer pilots (or, if you're being generous, older pilots that the Ide didn't help as much). Initially Bes piloted, but as his duties on the Solo Ship became more intense, Moera took over. He would have the longest stint as pilot on the Ideo-Nova, while Bento had become regular co-pilot (and flight engineer) shortly before he took over. Moera was killed when the Ideon was damaged by Rukuku, and Gije took over as pilot. He wouldn't last that long, dying on Steckin Star when a group of Adigo mecha swarmed the craft and pierced the barrier. From that point onwards, the Ideon would stay combined until its' destruction and no permanent pilot was found as a replacement.

The Sol-Vainer mode is actually only rarely shown in the series - the B Mecha is usually just shown to be either driving along the ground or flying in Ideo-Nova configuration.