First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 39/52m. Weight: 1,413t. Crew: 1-4 (usually 2)

The A Mecha unit of Ideon could shift between an armoured truck (Sol-Amber) and a jet fighter (Ideo-Delta), and also formed the head and arms of the robot.

In battle, the unit could dock out of the main Ideon whiel retaining the shape of the arms, and punch enemies in this form. The craft was armed primarily with nose and side mounted missile launchers, and optional dorsal Glen Cannon turrets.

The Sol-Amber was boarded by Cosmo and Deck during the initial Buff Clan attack, and Cosmo would remain as its' pilot. He flew without a co-pilot initially, though additional gunners were used (occasionally Tekuno, but more often unnamed characters). However, these were used with less frequency after the Ideo-Delta was heavily damaged by Doku. Deck would eventually come onboard as a full-time co-pilot.

The Ideo-Delta was arguably the most formidable of the Ideon units in its' individual form due to its' speed and agility, though it had little chance against Heavy Mobile Mecha by itself.