First Appearance: Episode 11 - "Pursuit to the Ruined Planet"

Height: 99m Weight: 6,230t Crew: 3

The Zigg Mack type formed the backbone of the Buff Heavy Mobile Mecha units. Though fairly well-armed with particle cannons and hooks, the type was rarely much of a match for the Ideon.

An example piloted by Guhaba managed to damage it in initial skirmishes, but as the robot's power levels rose and the crew became more skilled, the Zigg Macks soon took heavy loses. The waist-mounted engine housings were a particular weak spot, often being sliced off by the Ideon. The type remained in widespread service, however, and a large number of Zigg Mack mecha were still used in Doba's armada (though the Ganga Lubu seemed to be replacing it as the core unit of the Buff Clan squadrons).