First Appearance: Episode 19 - "Gyamus' Special Command"

Length: 320m.

The Sades Zan was commanded by Gyamus. It was equipped with two new types - the Rogg Mack Heavy Mobile Mecha and the Gondo Bau heavy fighter. The Sades Zan itself also displayed a new concept, as the bridge section could separate and act as a large gunship.

This section was destroyed on Flag Star along with Gyamus when the Ideon threw Kiyaya's Rogg Mack into it - what happened to the rest of the ship is unexplained, but it would be fair to assume it had little offensive threat, and most likely returned to Buff or another outpost under its' own power.

Several ships of the same type made up the bulk of Galbaba's ill-fated squadron, while others were among Doba's fleet.