First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 17.8m Weight: 1,200t. Crew: 1-5

A light attack type used mainly for reconnaissance, the Kopola carried a pair of Gadakka mecha for ground investigation and also had limited fixed armaments.

The type was involved heavily in the disastrous first contact with the Solo colonists - one example, piloted by Shiraku and also containing Lady Karala and her maid Mayaya, was followed down to the planet's surface by another pair. The nervous pilots in the pursuing craft attacked the Sixth Civilisation archaeological dig, and a state of war developed. Shiraku's Kopola was shot down by Bes while the other two were wiped out when the colonists were able to activate the Ideon.

The Kopola was rarely seen again after the Solo Campaign as more powerful types moved to the front.