First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 240m. Weight: 43,270t.

The Gram Zan was a cruiser under the joint command of Gije and Damido, charged with taking Karala to investigate the planet Logo Dau. It had a small complement of craft, including Dekka Bau, Gil Bau and Kopola types. These were used during the initial assault on Logo Dau, where the front module also detached and disembarked Doraangle tanks. Once Abadede arrived with the Gataman Zan, the Gram Zan became less important, especially as its' fighter compliment dwindled from losses fighting the Ideon. The ship was eventually destroyed when Gije tried to use it to ram the Solo Ship in Null Space.

Soon afterwards Harulu arrived, bringing the similar Gero Zan with her. This ship was instead equipped with Zigg Mack Heavy Mobile Mecha, and was taken over by Gije. It was first used on a fact-finding mission to Solo, and then as a mothership for Gije's attacks on the colonists. When these failed, Gije was dismissed from Harulu's unit, presumably using the Gero Zan to return to Buff.

Another ship from the same class was the Jim Zan, part of Rukuku's squadron. It was destroyed near Saturn.

A number of ships of the same design were pressed into service in Doba's armada, mainly as mother ships for Jongu squads. These were mostly destroyed by the Ideon.