First Appearance: Episode 21 - "Sink the Enemy Battleship"

Height: 128m. Weight: 7,090t. Crew: 3

The Ganga Lubu was designed to supersede the Zigg Mack. Even larger and more heavily armed (including arm-mounted missile launchers, an energy lasso instead of physical hooks and a limited barrier), the type first entered service with the Ome Foundation.

In the hands of a capable pilot such as Gije or Daram himself, it could give the Ideon a good fight, though the Ome Foundation's contingent was eventually taken out. Doba's fleet used the Ganga Lubu in large numbers (it seemed to be in the process of replacing the Zigg Mack as the primary frontline heavy mobile mecha), but with the Ide's power levels rising, most were wiped out by the Ideon.