Sole Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Width: 500,000m. Height: 350,000m.

The Gando Rowa was a huge station, channelling the energy from the supernova Tau-Xi-70 star into a massive force beam. Built by the Ome Foundation, it had a limited firing trajectory due to its' unique nature. At 40% power, it was capable of destroying a planet ten times the size of Buff.

It was fired twice - first at the Solo Ship, crippling it and damaging the Ideon; the second beam destroyed the Ideon at point blank range, though the Ideon Swords had already cut into the Gando Rowa's structure. The combined explosion of the Gando Rowa and the Ide energy within the Ideon wiped out everything in the immediate area, including the Solo Ship, the Bairal Jin, the remaining Buff Clan fleet and a handful of planets.