First Appearance: Episode 26 - "Deadly Fight - Fear of Gel"

Height: 124m. Weight: 11,000t. Crew: 9 (3 per module)

Specially designed to counter the Ideon, the Galbo Jick was made of three units that combined to form a single craft. It was armed with a Gel Barrier projection system instead of relying on conventional weaponry, intended to kill the crew of the robot but leaving the machine undamaged. Only a small number were made - possibly just two.

The first was sent to the Ome Foundation unit led by Daram, and it nearly defeated the Ideon until a lucky shot destroyed one of its' components. Under Gije's control, it came close again over the moon, but once again was defeated when the Gel Barrier array was destroyed.

After Daram's unit was destroyed, the type failed to gain much acceptance from the main military, though Rukuku lent Daram an example which was then lost on Earth after his final duel. Considering Rukuku hated Daram, that was probably the idea.