First Appearance: Episode 11 - "Pursuit to the Ruined Planet"

Length: 477m. Weight: 86,000t.

The Dorowa Zan was Harulu's flagship and was largely kept out of combat so she could observe the efforts of her generals. However, after the destruction of the Sades Zan it was left to move back to Buff alone. Due to a freak fluctuation, it met the Solo Ship in Null Space and was soon destroyed by the Ideon, Harulu herself being the only survivor.

The similar Gerowa Zan was used by Daram as the mothership for the Galbo Jick Heavy Mobile Mecha. After the destruction of the Gabro Zan it became Daram's flagship, and was responsible for the destruction of Limitter's squadron over the moon. Soon after this it was destroyed by the Ideon Gun.

A third ship of the same design, the Garowa Zan, was the flagship of Rukuku. It was equipped with several types, including Adigo mecha, a Barume Baram and an Abzonol. Like Harulu, she kept more of a distance from the actual fighting unless necessary. The ship was eventually destroyed by the Ideon Gun near Saturn.

Several ships of the same class were also seen in Doba's armada and were destroyed by the Ideon in the subsequent battle.