First Appearance: Episode 8 - "Duel in the Sandstorm"

Height: 79m. Weight: 6,210t. Crew: 2

The Dogg Mack was, like the Giran Dou, one of the basic Heavy Mecha. The type was deployed largely for surface operations, and again only one example was seen deployed. It was armed with a tentacle capable of delivering electric attacks and a claw, and was extremely lanky in appearance even by Heavy Mobile Mecha standards. The cockpit segment could detach and act as a small shuttle or escape module. The booster underneath the cockpit section would move to a horizontal position for flight.

Abadede's Gataman Zan carried one example, which was first damaged by the Ideon when he lent it to Gije, and then destroyed (along with Abadede) when it was overcome by the Bajin on Crystal Star. By the time Harulu arrived with reinforcements the Dogg Mack had been superseded by the Zigg Mack.