Sole Appearance: Episode 29 - "Ideon Resurrected"

Length: 280m. Crew: 2

Possibly the weirdest of all the very weird machines deployed by the Buff Clan, the Barume Baram was developed specifically to deal with the Ideon. Like a previous anti-Ideon type, the Galbo Jick, the large ship used Gel Barrier technology.

However, instead of utilising a frontal attack, the cruiser-sized Barume Baram split in half, surrounding the robot and completely enclosing it in the Gel Barrier. Rukuku deployed it above the moon, and it crippled the crew of the Ideon - forcing the Ide to take control of the robot and activate the Ideon Swords. This allowed Cosmo to destroy the Barume Baram. The type was not seen again, and was most likely a prototype. As its' whole purpose was to attack the Ideon in the aforementioned fashion, that tactic being a failure rendered it obsolete in an instant.