First Appearance: Episode 34 - "When Meteors Fall"

Height: 15,000m. Width: 4,800m.

The flagship of Supreme Commander Doba, the Bairal Jin was a massive one-of-a-kind battleship and the vanguard of a huge fleet that set off from Buff to destroy the Solo Ship. Dwarfing anything else in the fleet, it had large numbers of Ganga Lubu and Zanza Lubu Heavy Mobile Mecha as well as a huge number of fixed missile launchers. Despite this, the craft still struggled to make much impact on the colonists, protected by the spiking power levels of the Ide.

The Bairal Jin was heavily damaged by the Ideon Gun, which destroyed a third of the vessel and killed Harulu in the process. Despite this the ship was one of the few Buff Clan units to survive and regroup at the Gando Rowa. There it was attacked by the Ideon again, losing its' bridge, and was finally destroyed when the Gando Rowa itself exploded.