First Appearance: Episode 29 - "Swords of Light"

Height: 46m. Weight: 3,215t. Crew: 1

The Adigo was a much smaller design than most Buff Clan mecha and thus could be carried in larger numbers by battleships. The type made up for its' small size in both speed and the numbers it could be deployed in. It was first used by Rukuku for her attack on Earth, and proved more than a match for the Union's fighters. The Adigo incorporated the same frog-like legs as the smaller Gadakka and Jongu anti-personnel types.

Against the Ideon, it was agile enough to avoid damage more easily than Heavy Mobile Mecha but could do little damage offensively. However, Adigo types often attacked en masse, and were responsible for the deaths of two Ideon pilots - Moera and Gije - which is a better score than most of the larger models.