Space Runaway Ideon Volume 1Culled from Koichi Sugiyama's incidental music for the series, like most of these releases the first Ideon soundtrack is a very mixed bag. It's topped and tailed by the opening and ending themes (oddly, it opens with Keiko Toda's mawkish, but rather loveable ending theme "To the Cosmos with You", and ends with Isao Taira's faintly stupid "Fukkatsu no Ideon" start music...), but the rest is a mixed bag.

I love the incidental music in Ideon, but this album is proof positive that less is more, and most of the tracks overstay their welcome when not limited to 15-20 second bursts. The crazy disco meets jazz funk of "Invocation" makes for a fun three minutes, as does the splendid "Black Stream of the Galaxy", but the presence of "Children" (a rather banal piece which usually played when Ashura and co. were up to something twee and faintly annoying) is a negative, as is a worrying tendency to descend into mad trumpet figures, though thankfully these weren't as pronounced in the show as they were in its' predecessor, Mobile Suit Gundam.

It's an interesting curio, but you're not likely to sit down and listen to it very often.