The Ideon - Be InvokedFor its' film reincarnation, Ideon received a full rescoring from its' original composer Koichi Sugiyama. With an increased budget, the funky strains of the TV series were replaced by a soaring orchestral piece. While I dearly love the show's synth-driven disco vibe, the film work is probably more suited for the epic drama. This is especially true of Be Invoked, and Sugiyama's work is every bit as majestic as Tomino's direction.

The best stuff is towards the start of the album, from the sweeping "Introduction" to the beautiful, dramatic "Rescue" (which never fails to stir up the visuals of the Solo Ship ramming through the Bairal Jin, and the Ideon's almost balletic battle with a group of Ganga Lubus). Towards the second side the tracks get a little more samey, and the album becomes rather difficult to listen to. Also, criminally, the excellent battle theme isn't included - okay, so it wouldn't really fit and was probably included on the soundtrack for A Contact (where it first appeared), but damn it, I don't have the A Contact album. The Be Invoked soundtrack works best with working knowledge of the film for full appreciation, but it has to be said despite some really superb passages, is a little repetitive.

The King Records LP is easy enough to find through eBay and the like, but the CD had a very small print run, and costs almost as much as the DVD of the film... However, the MP3s can be found on a number of file hosts.