The pack-in leaflet for the seriesRight, bear with me because this first paragraph is largely guesswork. DeQue seems to be Banpresto's version of the hugely popular Kubrick phenomenon, just rendered at around an inch and a half tall. The range included (or maybe entirely consisted of, I'm winging this) robots licensed for their Super Robot Wars series of video games.

At least two batches of 12 super-deformed robots were made - the second series, released in 2003, included Getter 1 from Getter Robo, Dancougar, a Gundam Mk. II in Titans colours, Grendizer, and others - including the Ideon and a Buff Clan Zigg Mack.

Now, obviously I had to get the Ideon, what with all the OCD and everything. But the Zigg Mack is a really interesting choice. While most (if not all) Buff Clan Mecha have been given model kits (either plastic or white metal), I believe this is the first time one's got what could be described as an action figure.

Both are rather darling. Due to being a conventional robot, the Ideon pulls off cuter nicely, even if the arms don't have much movement. It's nicely detailed, and even comes with a little Ideon Gun. Considering a DeQue is a glorified Lego Minifig with some mad armour, and the Buff Clan mecha was a big gangly weird thing, the Zigg Mack is surprisingly accurate. The odd original design means there isn't much scope for cute in this one, but the pair are really good fun. Sadly, the Ideon doesn't have the leg articulation to high-kick the face off the Zigg Mack (as memorably seen in several episodes due to the wonder of stock footage), but the fun factor of a pair of tiny figures that can sit on your desk and blow lumps off each other can't be underestimated.

The DeQue figures each come with a simple square base that can be connected, while little studded posts can be placed in the bases to help the figures stand. They don't really need it, though, as both of these ones can stand freely on a flat surface. Lovely!