Custom DVD covers made for my own DVDs - I'm just not that keen on the design of the Taki covers, to be honest, and it'd be a bit silly to print off a bunch of sleeves I can't read anything from. The spine images connect to form a larger picture (I was amazed that actually worked). The only one I'm not mad on is the one for A Contact - I wanted both film ones to look different, using one of the promotional pictures. Sadly, all the film posters for the Double Feature feature stuff specific to Be Invoked, and I just hand to pick the one that fitted the best. Right click and chose 'Save Target/Link as...' to download a ZIPed high-res version, between 1.6mb and 1.9mb.

Volume 1
(Episodes 1-8)

Volume 2
(Episodes 9-16)

Volume 3
(Episodes 17-24)

Volume 4
(Episodes 25-32)

Volume 5
(Episodes 33-39)

A Contact

Be Invoked