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Cosmo looks on as Kitten is killedThe Solo colonists try to negotiate for further supplies at the colony of Kyaral, in the aftermath of a Buff Clan attack. The Kyaral authorities refuse, as the attack has left them with barely any resources of their own. Cosmo and his girlfriend Kitty Kitten (a native of Kyaral) briefly argue about whether the Solo colonists or the citizens of Kyaral are in the right, before making up. However, soon afterwards she is killed in front of him in another Buff Clan raid.

A force led by Harulu tracks the Solo Ship to Star Steckin, sending down Adigos under the command of Kodomon Muron. In the battle, Gije is killed piloting the Ideo-Nova. The Ideon units dock of their own volition, and the Ideon cleaves the planet clean in half as Harulu watches in shock. Gije's death greatly traumatises Sheryl.

Karala and Joliver are transported to the Bairal JinAboard the Bairal Jin, Supreme Commander Doba Ajiba co-ordinates his huge fleet. The Solo Ship is surrounded, and Doba is simply waiting to make contact with the colonists before attacking. He is accompanied on his flagship by Gindoro Jimnu, head of the Ome Foundation, who offers the use of his latest weapon, the Gando Rowa. Doba demurs, believing his conventional forces to be enough. Onboard the Solo Ship, Karala is delivering meals to the engine room. While she's there, the Ideon Gauge lights up brilliantly and fires out a beam of light. This transports Karala and Joliver to the Bairal Jin - she recognises this as the work of the Ide. Karala is confronted by her father, Doba. At the same time, images of this are beamed to the Solo Ship, and Bes orders a recovery mission.

The Solo Ship rams the Bairal JinBoth Karala and Joliver try to reason with Doba, explaining that the war is fuelling the Ide and posing danger to both of them. He claims she is a traitor to her species, but she counters by revealing she's pregnant with Bes' baby, so the Buff Clan and the colonists can't be that different. Doba flies into a rage and attacks her with his sword, but Joliver blocks the blow, receiving a bad injury to his back. Karala then threatens Doba with a laser, before she escapes with Joliver in the subsequent confusion. Just then, the Solo Ship emerges from DS drive, ramming the side of the Bairal Jin. The Ideon is launched to defend it from Buff Clan mecha, while Karala and Joliver have found a pair of Buff Clan space suits and prepare to escape. They get to a shuttle and launch, heading towards the Solo Ship. Cosmo moves the Ideon in to protect them, but before he can get them inside the robot's barrier, a stray shot destroys the shuttle. Cosmo rages at the Buff Clan, the Ide transmitting his anger to a perplexed Doba. Bes sadly orders the Solo Ship and Ideon to retreat, but as they do so Cosmo notices a glowing ball of light, containing Karala and Joliver - saved by the Ide. He takes them onboard, and the colonists withdrawn, but with Doba's fleet in hot pursuit.

Sheryl tries to invoke the Ide with LouThe Solo Ship finds itself blockaded by a huge squad of Heavy Mobile Mecha. The hatch for the Ideon Gun won't open, and the Ideon has to fight them with missiles and fists. The Solo Ship takes some damage, and Lotta and the kids help Rapoh with the casualties. However, Sheryl takes Lou away to help her with her research. The Ideon is easily dealing with the Ganga Lubu mecha, so Doba and Gindoro plan to force the Solo Ship into the path of a passing comet. A gap appears in the Buff Clan forces, which Hatari heads for, not realising until too late it takes them into the slipstream of the comet. Faced with this danger, Bes orders Cosmo to tear open the hatch for the Ideon Gun. However, the Ideon Gauge is too low to fire the weapon. Meanwhile, Sheryl had donned a spacesuit and taken Lou out onto the deck. She tries to bargain with the Ide, using Lou's pure self-defence instinct to rouse it. This works, allowing the Ideon Gun and Ideon Swords to fire in unison, destroying the comet. However, the backlash from the blast knocks Sheryl from the deck, rupturing her spacesuit and killing her. Inside the Ideon, Karala senses that Lou survived. A wave of meteors are also discharged in the explosion, wiping out both Earth and Buff.

The Jongu squad boards the Solo ShipNews of this reaches Doba, and seconds later he discovers the Solo Ship survived the comet trap. The colonists also overhear transmissions that relay the destruction of the planets, and both races' colonies are also soon wiped out. Harulu realises the Solo Ship and Ideon are effectively indestructible, and sets out to board the ship and take the machines. Meanwhile, Karala leaves the Ideon to find Lou, but the Buff Clan begin boarding the ship in Jongu mecha, so Cosmo heads out to find her. However, Bes arrives to take over the search, and sends Cosmo back to the Ideon. The Ideon Gauge has dropped, rendering the robot immobile. By now, many Buff Clan troopers have forced their way inside the ship, and the colonist casualties are rising, so civilians and children are having to help with the fighting. Cosmo spots Karala, and once again heads out to pick her up. Karala has found Lou, and is then reached by Cosmo, but is spotted by Harulu. She sends Torolof and Kilarul in a Zanza Lubu to kill them. However, the Ide awakens and puts a barrier around them, before firing up the Solo Ship's engines and moving it to safety. Cosmo takes Karala and Lou back to the bridge.

Karala is killed by HaruluDoba falls back to the Gando Rowa, a massive station-cum-superweapon that channels the energy of a nova star into a beam weapon. His revised plan to to lure the colonists into its' firing trajectory. Aboard the Solo Ship the Buff Clan soldiers continue to attack, but Cosmo, Kasha and Karala make it to the bridge. Bes and Karala are reunited, and he finally learns of her pregnancy. The colonists revise their strategy, with Karala retreating into the forest dome with Lotta and the kids, while everyone else defends her and her baby. Cosmo realises the baby could be the key to repressing the Ide, and he and Kasha coin the name Messiah for the unborn child. Kasha opts to stay to guard Karala as well. Harulu leads the next assault personally. The Ideon heads out to face the attack, and is soon engaged by Harulu's Ganga Lubu. The Ide briefly allows the two to converse, but the Ideon Gun fires, destroying the mecha. Harulu, Torolof and Kilarul fly their escape capsule onto the Solo Ship, and move towards the forest dome. Torolof is killed by Lotta, who refuses to let them hurt Karala. Kilarul shoots her, and Karala tries to reason with Harulu one last time. However, Harulu blames her for the whole chain of events, and shoots her in the shoulder. Karala's returning shot only hits her shoulder, and an enraged Harulu guns her down, killing her. Satisfied, Harulu then leaves with Kilarul in the escape capsule.

Harulu breaks down with DobaBes and the others are in shock after Karala's death, and are unable to fathom why the Ide didn't protect her until they realise her unborn child is still alive inside her womb - Lou can even communicate with it. Harulu rejoins with Doba, who redoubles the attack, forcing the Solo Ship towards the Gando Rowa. The colonists are inspired to fight back to protect the unborn baby and Lou. Despite the power of the Ideon Gun, the Buff Clan numbers are huge. The Solo Ship enters DS drive to try and buy some time. In the forest dome, Cosmo realises that the Ide is attempting to wipe out the colonists and the Buff Clan, and replace them with the untainted likes of Lou and Messiah. Onboard the Bairal Jin, Harulu tells Doba she killed Karala. He congratulates her for preserving the Ajiba bloodline, but she admits she was largely motivated by jealousy, envious of Karala's relationship with Bes. She asks for command of the fleet, in order to finally extract her revenge o the colonists for Daram's death. He agrees. Gindoro tries to persuade him to return to Buff and wait for the Ide to calm down. Doba informs him Buff has been destroyed, though Gindoro doesn't believe it. Doba realises the Ide's plan, and accepts his role in it.

Cosmo readies the Ideon GunThe Buff Clan soon find and attack the Solo Ship again. Guided by the Ide, Cosmo fires the Ideon Gun directly at the Bairal Jin. The blast bores through a planet, but Harulu orders the ship into Null Space, avoiding the beam. A fresh wave of Jongu troops force their way onboard the ship. The Ideon Gauges continue to rise, but the barrier and the Ideon Gun aren't gaining power. Joliver contacts Bes, warning him of dire consequences if they continue using the gun, but he dies of his wounds before revealing the full details. Deck manages to punch up a trajectory for the Ideon Gun that will hit the Bairal Jin even in Null Space It works, wiping out the lower section of the ship, killing Harulu and Kilarul. Gindoro attempts to flee the ship, but is shot by Doba. He realises that humans are too imperfect to be blessed with the power of the Ide; in his anger, he presses home the plan to force the colonists into the range of the Gando Rowa. The hand-to-hand fighting continues onboard the Solo Ship, with Kasha among the casualties. Bes orders the few surviving colonists to gather and defend the bridge. Hatari notices the Buff Clan are only attacking from one side of the ship, while Bes informs Cosmo of Kasha's death. Distraught, he flies into a rage, annihilating most of the nearby Heavy Mobile Mecha with the Ideon Swords.

The Ideon is destroyedThe Solo Ship then takes a direct hit from the Gando Rowa, which heavily damages the ship. Even the Ideon is damaged, with the engine room exploding, and killing Bento. Unnoticed in this, Karala's body is lifted out of the ship in a beam of light. Doba, having moved the Bairal Jin to the Gando Rowa's location, orders his remaining forces to regroup, unaware the colonists have survived. The Ide indicates they should head towards the Gando Rowa. Out of options, Cosmo and Bes agree on this as their only possible course of action. By now the bridge of the Solo Ship is being overrun, and everyone but Bes (who is badly injured) and Lou are killed. The DS drive is synched to the Ideon's controls, allowing Cosmo to move right up to the Gando Rowa.

The spirits head past SaturnThe Ide guides him towards the Bairal Jin. Onboard, Doba orders the Gando Rowa to prepare to fire a second time, but his troops object as it will wipe them out. He argues that only a few need to survive to continue the Buff Clan, but the troops object and shoot him. Seconds later, the Ideon punches through the bridge. Cosmo then tries to attack the Gando Rowa before it can fire, but a last ditch attack by a Ganga Lubu prevents this. The ensuing explosion destroys the Ideon and the Solo Ship, killing everyone remaining on board. The Gando Rowa also splits in half and explodes, an an expanding reaction takes out the remains of the Buff Clan fleet and several neighbouring planets.

Both the colonists and the Buff Clan are reunited with their loved ones in spiritual form, following Messiah to their new existence on a new Earth.