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The IdeonGije helps the colonists remove the Buff Clan tracking devices from the Solo Ship. The colonists are assigned to a group under Commander Leclan by the Earth Union, though the crew refuses to respect his authority. The colonists instead are planning to go where neither the Union or the Buff Clan can find them, and settle peacefully. Moera especially is looking forward to this, taking time to give Fard advice on standing up for himself - the watching Rapoh is charmed by his attempts to help the boy. Meanwhile, Rukuku on the Garowa Zan is resupplied and is also given a lieutenant named Kulara. Later, she watches the video she found in Daram's belongings. She finds a personal message to Harulu on the tape, and laughs at it, overheard by Kulara. When Rukuku notices her, Kulara pretends she wasn't listening, instead distracting Rukuku by telling her Doba himself has left Buff with a fleet to face the Ideon. Later, she contacts Harulu, who orders Rukuku's death. The colonists, meanwhile, have decided to co-operate with the Union to stop the Buff Clan attacking Earth, spearheading the attack. As the Ideon units head out, Moera takes a brief detour to call in on Rapoh and Fard. The colonists first come across a ship called the Jim Zan and some Adigo mecha.

Moera checks on Fard and RapohFaced with fierce resistance, the units return to the Solo Ship, which then travels by DS to Saturn, part of a plan to draw out the Buff Clan for Leclan's squadron. Bes initiates the next part of the strategy, launching the Ideon and heading to meet the Garowa Zan head on. As Moera leaves, Fard gives him his comfort doll as a sign that Moera's lectures are being heeded. In the battle, Ideon is caught by a group of Adigos, and Kasha docks out to allow the rest of the robot to continue towards Rukuku's main force. The Union Force has been wiped out, Leclan having refused to retreat in the presence of the colonists. However, another Adigo is able to attack, setting fire to the engine room. Moera keeps docked despite the danger so Cosmo can get into position and use the Ideon Gun on the enemy. Onboard the Garowa Zan, Kulara kills Rukuku to avenge Daram. Seconds later the Ideon Gun destroys the ship, but Moera dies of his wounds. Back onboard the Solo Ship, the crew gives him an emotional send-off. His death redoubles the desire of the crew to find a new home planet far from the battle. However, Bes collapses with a fever at the end of the ceremony.


Rukuku is killed by KuralaHarulu Ajiba: Harulu and Daram grew up together in Kilm Forest on Buff. It's implied (relationship stuff is rarely made explicit in Ideon, and as a rule - the exception being Bes and Karala - characters rarely let on much until the object of their affection is dead - cf. Cosmo/Kitty, Sheryl/Colbeck) they were lovers, and by extension that he broke her heart (as referred to by Guhaba in episode 12). Despite this, she still cares enough to send Kulara (ouch... low on imagination there, guys...) to investigate his death.

Moera Fatima: Moera has fallen for Rapoh, and also feels very protective about Fard and the other kids, thinking of them as his family. His concern for Fard is somewhat obscured by his constant shouting at the boy (sound bite: "When I look at this kid, I get irritated"). Apparently he was just as fey and useless when he was a boy. Moera's relationship with Rapoh seems to have been going on for some time and this is simply the first time he's had cause to mention it.

Kasha Imhof: Animation error watch: as the Ideon is attacked by the Adigos, she's briefly wearing the same colour flight suit as Cosmo. All the animation errors I've spotted seem to involve Kasha in some way, which is weird.

Bento Malus: It would seem Bento just legs it when the Ideo-Nova catches fire. What a bastard.

Moera's final momentsBuff Clan: The tracking devices are called Quarong Tomoros. The Jim Zan is from the same class as the Gram Zan seen from the first episode. The Garowa Zan is not the Gerowa Zan, which was destroyed in episode 28, but is from the same class (as is Harulu's Dorowa Zan, first seen in episode 11).

The Ideon: It probably makes sense that the lower third of Ideon isn't vital in space combat - the Ideo-Delta contains the primary flight controls, while the Ideo-Nova contains the engines. The Ideo-Buster mainly deals with the legs, which are largely used for kicking things when the robot's in space. The Ideon Gun, by the way, actually blows a huge gap in Saturn's rings. Is that scientifically possible? No idea.


The Ideon Gun smashes through Saturn's ringsI'm really torn over this one. Firstly, Moera's barely had more than a couple of lines every few episodes so far, so suddenly developing him a bit more in his swan-song is a bit of a cheat. Secondly, the bloke ticks every box on the cliché checklist, his love for Rapoh (who's also been more absent than present since her introduction) and care for Fard earmarking him for certain violent death. Thirdly, his intended mentoring of Fard basically involves yelling at him - however, Fard really is an annoying little freak, so this is forgivable.

All this said, the episode really is quite touching - Moera isn't a hugely capable pilot like Cosmo or Kasha, but he hangs in there on sheer willpower. His relationship with Rapoh isn't a saga like Bes and Karala, but they're a sweet pair who obviously care a lot about each other. His funeral is surprisingly touching too.

The rest of the episode is a bit sub-par, what with the colonists having an off screen about-face concerning working with the Union, though the petty assassination of Rukuku finally rids us of that particular bland character. However, the good stuff is so good it overrides all logical examination.