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The Ideon launches missiles at the Galbo Zick Cosmo regains consciousness and is devastated to hear of Kitty's death. He refuses to listen to anything anyone has to say and discharges himself from the medical bay even through he's still in extreme pain from his injury. The Solo Ship is finally heading for Earth to be reinforced in preparation for an attack on Buff, with the bonus that Sheryl will be able to use the advanced computers there to help her research. They soon realise Daram is following them, and decide to defeat him rather than lead the Buff Clan to Earth. Gije takes the new Galbo Jick, specifically designed to counter the Ideon, out to fight them. Despite his state, Cosmo insists on piloting the Ideon, hoping to avenge Kitty. However, once in the cockpit he begins to lose his sight. Deck realises this, and promises to help Cosmo in the battle, rather than telling Bes of this development. Deck also convinces Cosmo that he should be fighting for everyone, not just Kitty.

Cosmo discharges himself from the medical bayIdeon is formed, but the three Buff Clan craft also dock for form a larger enemy. While the Gerowa Zan prevents the Solo Ship from helping, the Galbo Jick attacks the Ideon with a Gel Zone beam, designed to destroy the brains of the pilots. The Ideon is nearly defeated, but a lucky Glen Cannon shot damages the Gel Zone array, freeing it. It manages to destroy one of the Galbo Jick modules, but is recalled by Bes. The Solo Ship then escapes via a short DS jump, but Daram manages to attach further tracking devices to the ship before it can escape. Bes orders a course to be set for Earth. On arrival, Karala notes how similar it looks to Buff. The rest of the colonists are delighted to be back at their home planet, and Bes orders a communications circuit to be opened.


Deck and Cosmo feel the effects of the Gel Zone beamSheryl Formosa: The flying blue frog thing has a go at Lin and Hatari before returning to its' usual target, a sequence of events which eventually leads to resigned defeat from Sheryl. To be fair, she makes a real effort to be nice to Cosmo.

Ome Foundation: There's further evidence the Foundation is actively working with the regular military now, as Harulu has sent Daram the Gerowa Zan to replace the Gabro Zan - it looks basically identical to the Dorowa Zan. Daram is less than impressed with the ship, considering it obsolete.

Zaram watches the Galbo Jick attack IdeonGalbo Jick: The latest Buff Clan mecha forms from three modules and has been purpose-designed to counter Ideon. I'm not entirely sure how what looks and acts like a ship qualifies as a mecha but everyone refers to it as one, so I'm not arguing. It has barely been tested, and Karala doesn't recognise it, a first for a Buff Clan mecha. Its' Gel Zone beam was designed for the purpose of killing the Ideon's crew, but leaving the robot intact for the Ome Foundation.

Bes Jordan: Bes tells Karala, with a straight face, that if she ever considers returning to the Buff Clan, he'll kill her. Christ... Do not mess with this chap. And then he hugs Kasha. Okay, so it's an animation error (Karala is drawn in Kasha's colours, including her outfit, while Kasha is in the same frame further back).


The colonists arrive near EarthThe episode is middling for the most part, but redeemed to some extent by the hard love everyone gives Cosmo about Kitty's death, and the Buff Clan's latest mecha being a little more unusual. It's nice to see them bring out a device designed to do something other than thump the Ideon, though why they called the weapon the Gel Zone I don't know.

Deck is coming along smartly - his interaction with Cosmo is lovely, and the little guy's a lot better when he's co-piloting instead of hanging around with Ashura and co.

The episode ends on a high note, as it finally looks like the colonists will get some refuge on their home planet, and the mood is suitably upbeat.