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The Ideon battles a Ganga LubuThe colonists head for the Kyaral military base of Stagra, trying to get the supplies they need. The weapon depot is located in a cave, and thus survived the Buff Clan attack. Bes forces the Stagra commander, Parkinson, to comply at gunpoint, but he orders his men not to co-operate with the colonists. Cosmo and Kitty try to persuade the troops stationed at the base to help, but to no avail. Outside Stagra, Daram has made his move, sending in a commando team of Gadakka troopers, led by Gije, to capture the Ideon. He finds the robot straight away, and realising it's undermanned climbs onboard. This is spotted by Cosmo, who calls the Solo Ship for backup. Inside Ideon, Kasha realises the main cockpit has been taken. The robot screams as Gije operates the controls, but still complies sluggishly.

The Solo Ship heads into StagraOnboard the Gabro Zan, Daram hears of Gije's success, and heads off in a Ganga Lubu to cover his escape from Stagra. The Kyaral military suffers heavy losses, but Parkinson still refuses to ally with the Solo colonists until Kitty talks him around. At the Ideon, Bes has arrived to help Cosmo retake the cockpit, but Gije has the missile launchers fired on the Solo Ship. On Karala's advice, the Solo Ship rams Ideon, allowing Cosmo the break he needed to storm the cockpit. However, Gije is able to launch the top section of Ideon and escape the cave, with Cosmo onboard. He kills the co-pilot and begins fighting with Gije, causing the Ideon unit to crash. Cosmo injures Gije with his knife, causing him to run for the safety of Daram's Ganga Lubu. Covered by the Solo Ship, the other two Ideon units arrive and dock, chasing after Daram. It heavily damages his Ganga Lubu, but doesn't give chase when the Buff Clan flee as Cosmo is worried another bomb has been attached to the Ideon. It's a false alarm, and they return to the Solo Ship. The Kyaral military has suffered further heavy losses, but there's some good news when Karala deduces their enemies are a small, private army.


Gije leads his Gadakka teamCosmo Yuki: Cosmo's duelling skills have improved, as he more than holds his own against Gije this time around, compared to his awful showing in episode 8.

Hatari Naburu: When Bes leaves the Solo Ship, Hatari takes over temporarily - it's a fair guess he's Bes' official second-in-command by now.

Bes boards the IdeonKitty Kitten: I think that's a hair clasp or brooch in her hair, and not actually some sort of tomato. Her relationship with Cosmo is very much implied rather than shown - they don't do much here other than hang around together.

Bes Jordan: Anyone else get the impression that Bes has been itching to get off that bridge and shoot someone for the past few episodes?

The Ome Foundation: The Foundation's troops work as mercenaries, and only get paid when their job is done. Seeing as Karala is unaware of the Foundation itself, it would seem private military forces aren't unheard of on Buff.


Gije is injured by CosmoWhile not up to the previous episode's standards, this one is still pretty good. For once we're given a colony leader who isn't just an unreasonable bastard in the proud Parkinson, while once more the Buff Clan varying their strategy beyond 'attack the Solo Ship with heavy mobile mecha' makes for more enjoyable viewing.

Once more Gije and Daram retain the element of threat despite another defeat, Daram especially shaping up nicely. Cosmo continues to dominate the episodes a little, but at least Bes gets be in the thick of the fight.

The cavernous Stagra Weapons Depot is a bit of a different setting as well, managing to create a slightly claustrophobic feel.