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The Ideon gets to grips with a Rogg MackThe Ideon is repaired after its' damage on Ajian, but the Solo Ship is attacked by a group of Buff Clan Gondo Bau ships. The Ideon units launch, but find this new type is more of a challenge. The units have been launched by a commander named Gyamus Ragu, from his Sades Zan. He is on his way to meeting with Harulu, and launched the attack to test the Solo Ship's strength. Having seen enough, he orders them to withdraw. Bes orders the Ideon units back to the ship, though Cosmo fires a reconnaissance probe to follow them - this locates the Sades Zan, but is destroyed soon afterwards. Onboard the Solo Ship, many of the crew are becoming weary with the constant attacks. They land on an aquatic planet named Flag Star to make repairs and debate their next step. At Bes' behest, Karala opens negotiations with Gyamus. He heads down to the planet to speak to her.

Gyamus, this week's bastardJoliver pilots Karala to the meeting, with the Ideon units providing cover. However, when she arrives, Gyamus refuses to discuss terms, as destroying the aliens will boost his chances of promotion. Joliver and Karala leave, but Gyamus fires on their plane. Joliver manages to land it on the Ideo-Delta, and they both get onboard. The Ideon units make short work of the Gondo Bau units, but the Rogg Mack heavy mecha are sent in to attack the Solo Ship. The Ideon units dock, and Cosmo decides to attack Gyamus directly on the Sades Zan. However, the Gauge fails to rise, and Ideon is intercepted by the three Rogg Macks. It is stymied by their attacks until Karala suggests turning off the normal engine. This drops the Ideon free, and it is able to destroy one Rogg Mack with its' missiles. Seeing this, Gyamus retreats. On returning to the ship, Cosmo questions whether the Ide truly exists, whether it has abandoned them and why the Sixth Civilisation died out.


Karala is injuredGije Zaral: Gije has been 'cast aside' by Harulu for his failures. Less metaphorically, he's probably been sent back to Buff in disgrace.

Gyamus Ragu: Gyamus seems to know Gije, and doesn't like him. Gije sure upsets a lot of people, doesn't he? Gyamus is somewhat vindictive and cruel, even by the standards of Buff Clan commanders so far like Damido and Harulu.

Karala Ajiba: Karala recognises the Sades Zan, but knows little about it.

Sheryl Formosa: In a possible moment of stealth fanservice, Sheryl's trousers disappear for a few frames on the bridge. No, really. Thankfully her tunic protects her modesty.

Kasha celebrates a killDeck Afta: Deck likes swimming, but can't actually swim. Good thing the sea of the planet has a lot of salt in it, really. Rapappa knows better and is very briefly somewhere other than perched on Deck...

Joliver Ira: Joliver can pilot a Cavian-Crosus jet, at least one of which still remains onboard the Solo Ship (my guess would be this is the one Moera brought onboard in episode 4). It probably says it all for the design that this craft has not been employed before now... Joliver can also operate a Glen Cannon turret - but then he is a military engineer, so maybe this isn't so surprising

The Buff Clan: The ruler of the Buff Clan, Emperor Zuou, is mentioned for the first time. According to Karala, if he had the Ideon he would use it to conquer the universe.

The Solo Ship: The ship can land on water. They're running low on salt (cf. Gundam) as well...

Rogg Mack: A new type of heavy mecha, this has a removable armoured shell that covers its' top half. This can absorb considerable punishment, direct electricity through a target on contact, and also allow the whole mecha to bounce along the surface.


A Rogg Mack attacks the seaborne Solo ShipAfter last episode's high drama, and a surprisingly direct opening, it's another return to the wacky world travelogue episodes. This time, the planet's covered entirely with water, there's a new general in Gyamus, and some new Buff Clan mechs, but it's still basically the same episode.

The Rogg Mack wins minor points for signposting the increasingly bizarre Buff Clan designs, but there's too much filler (notably the pointless negotiation scene - why exactly does Gyamus consent to a meeting with Karala to just tell her he isn't interested in negotiation?) and not enough killer (even the Ideon just falls into the sea).

When the colonists are drifting without direction, the series seems to do the same.