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This is why the Ideon has blades on its' feetGuhuba sends a spy, Sanra, to find a weakness onboard the Solo Ship. Onboard, Karala has decided to meet with Harulu and ask her to leave the colonists alone. Bes and Cosmo argue over whether this is a sensible move, Cosmo believing Bes is letting his feelings for Karala cloud his judgement. Sanra has snuck onboard while this is happening, and begins spreading rumours the engine has exploded - the paranoid colonists pin the blame on Karala. Bes says he trusts Karala, and puts her plan to meet with Harulu to everyone. However, then a charge planted by Sanra goes off, and in the confusion he tries to escape, only to be killed by gunners on the Solo Ship. The others reluctantly allow Karala to meet with Harulu, reasoning that to use subterfuge the Buff Clan must be under strength and may be open to negotiation. Bes takes her to the meeting spot in the Ideo-Nova, and watches on as she goes to speak to her sister.

Bes and Cosmo have a debate about tacticsHarulu strikes her down, and blames her for the Buff Clan's recent losses at the hands of the colonists. She orders Guhaba to humiliate Karala in front of the gathered troops, saying she's with the aliens now. Their callous behaviour enrages Bes, who charges the entire unit with his hand-weapons, taking out half a dozen soldiers on his way to Karala. Harulu is intrigued by his behaviour, and tells Guhaba to duel with Bes. The fight is interrupted by Cosmo in the Ideo-Delta, who's flown out with Kasha to see what's happening. The Buff Clan scatter and prepare for a fight, while Cosmo and Kasha form Ideon by remote controlling the Ideo-Nova. However, the Gil Bau fighters and the Zigg Mack combine to cripple the robot with electricity. The situation looks grim until the Ideon touches the Zigg Mack, catching it in the current as well. Harulu orders the attack to be stopped to save the heavy mecha. The Zigg Mack is promptly beaten by the Ideon again, causing the Buff Clan forces to withdraw. As the Ideon returns to pick them up, Bes finally makes his feelings clear to an emotional Karala.


Sanra makes his escapeKarala Ajiba: Being a samurai's daughter, Karala has actually studied how to make coffee. Take that, gender stereotyping.

Bento Malus: When he's not co-piloting one of the Ideon units, Bento seems to help out in engineering. In this case, his way of helping out seems to be to piss Joliver off.

Bes goes spareHatari Naburu: Hatari doesn't mind sweet coffee. Sorry, but he's been in it eight episodes now, and this is the closest thing he's come to saying or doing something notable.

Harulu Ajiba: According to Guhuba, the reason she's so hard on men is because she had her heart broken once.

Bes Jordan: Bes can ride a scooter (oh yes!), can handle a laser sword and pistol nicely, and in short is the scariest bastard in the world when he's upset.

The Solo Ship: It would seem Bes and Hatari both sleep in flight chairs on the bridge - though I'd guess this isn't a regular thing but just meant to convey the long hours the crew are putting in. Hopefully.


Bes embraces KaralaProbably the best episode yet, as Bes is given centre-stage for the first time since the earliest episodes. His timid relationship with Karala is charming, especially the early scenes where she wakes him with coffee on the bridge.

The early stuff with Sanra is a little tacky (though his too-loud casual monologues when walking around the ship are hilarious) as is everyone blaming everything on Karala again, but the confrontation with Harulu is taut and well-scripted, showing Karala's naivety, Harulu's coldness and Bes' courage in one neat scene. And it really can't be understated just how fantastic Bes' one-man charge is, kicked off by the mother of all enraged roars.

The Ideon takes a back seat but for once it's with good reason, and let's be honest, Cosmo had the thumping Bes gives him in a lift coming to him. A fantastic installment.