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The Ideon prepares to clobber the Zigg MackHarulu meets with Gije and Damido to discuss their failings in stopping the Solo Ship. She sends Gije back to Logo Dau in the Gero Zan to find more information on the Ide, and takes a force after the colonists to see the Ideon for herself. The Solo Ship has landed on an arid planet with no sign of any current life, but a lot of ruined buildings. They are found by a Buff Clan photographic probe, which Cosmo destroys. Harulu and one of her officers named Guhuba devise a plan of attack, with Damido leading an initial attack before Guhuba moves in with the Zigg Mack heavy mecha.

The Dorowa ZanThe forewarned colonists have launched the Ideon jets to take out Harulu's ship while the main Buff Clan force attacks the Solo Ship. However, after their initial pass in unsuccessful, Guhuba and Damido move in to defend her. The respite allows the Solo Ship to escape, pursued by Harulu. The Ideon units dock to cover them, but Guhuba intervenes in the Zigg Mack. Harulu turns away from the Solo Ship, wanting to observe the Giant God for herself. Damido's squadron briefly faze the Ideon with an electromagnetic hook attack, but the robot is still able to force the Buff Clan to retreat, injuring Damido in the process. The Ideon returns to the Solo Ship for repairs, and both sides prepare for the next round of combat.


Tekuno and Kasha inside the Ideo BusterHarulu Ajiba: Harulu's flagship is the massive Dorowa Zan battleship. About the only thing she has in common with Karala is a strong belief in the power of Ide, though she believes the energy will be used for ruling the universe, as opposed to Karala's more benevolent views.

Cosmo Yuki: Cosmo is able to take down the reconnaissance probe with his knife. He manages to get over his distrust of Karala, as do Bento and Moera (it's probably fair to say that Tekuno keeping quiet shows he also agrees). Kasha and Sheryl still seem to distrust her.

Buff: The Buff Clan's Earth is being hit by meteors dispatched from Logo Dau/Solo. According to their myths, after people were unable to treat the Ide properly, it became a star.

Harulu flanked by Damido and GijeZigg Mack: The Zigg Mack heavy mecha is still experimental, and has a crew of three. It has only two legs, unlike previous Buff Clan heavy mobile mecha, with boosters on the front and back of its' waist.

Zlow Jick: A new kind of Buff Clan fighter, the Zlow Jick is a craft capable of launching three smaller fighters. These are fast and well-armed, and can also deploy electro-magnetically charged hooks.

Gero Zan: A ship of the same class as the Gram Zan (the first time a design has been repeated, though it is only about the fourth Buff Clan ship we've seen), this briefly arrives with Harulu before being taken away by Gije.

Gataman Zan: With Abadede dead, this ship is put under the command of Guhaba Geba. As with the Gram Zan, the main hull can separate and be used as a landing craft.


The Zigg MackThe arrival of Harulu means there's less hanging around, and even the half-hearted reconnaissance mission is more interesting than the conflicts with Abadede.

Harulu is a very good character, hard and cold, a fine contrast with Karala (who continues to be relentlessly nice to everyone, even when the likes of Joliver and Sheryl talk about her like she's not there). Even Damido is somehow revitalised now his sparing with Gije is at a halt.

The fight with the Zigg Mack at the end fizzles a little, but at least it means the Buff Clan's latest weapon isn't easily defeated straight out the box (in contrast to the Dogg Mack). Cosmo's a little all over the place though, at first accusing Karala of being a spy, and then turning around and saying he trusts her.