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The Ideon onboard the Solo Ship in Null SpaceThe fallout from the duel with Gije continues - Kasha and Sheryl both believe it was foolish of Bes not to kill him, while Cosmo is still a little rocked by his own easy defeat. Onboard the Gataman Zan, Abadede is desperate to defeat the Solo Ship before Harulu arrives, and thus prove himself. The colonists are finding their repairs hampered by dinosaur attacks (though Lou seems to like them), and were preparing to leave the planet when the Gram Zan arrives. The Ideon units are scrambled to intercept, but the Ideon Gauge stays unli, and the controls are unresponsive. The Buff Clan concentrate on attacking the Solo Ship, planning to drive it into Null Space. The Ideon damages the Gram Zan, and the tide seems to be turning.

Karala tries to warn Bes of Gije's planKarala warns Bes that the Gram Zan's withdrawal is likely part of Gije's strategy. However, Sheryl still distrusts her, and persuades Bes to use the DS Drive. Once in Null Space, the Gataman Zan follows, and Damido launches to attack them in the Giran Dou heavy mecha. This is a distraction, as Gije arrives piloting the Gram Zan on a collision course with the Solo Ship. The Gram Zan begins to break through the barrier as Gije escapes, but Cosmo is able to deflect the unmanned ship with the Ideon, unaware that the vessel has managed to place a tracking device on the Solo Ship. The danger passed, the DS Drive disengages. The colonists set about working out their position, but tensions continue among the crew, with Cosmo unable to resist a sharp word in Sheryl's direction.


The Gataman Zan in Null SpaceCosmo Yuki: Despite his poor showing against Gije, it's fair to say Cosmo's handy with his throwing knife. Bit of a show-off, though.

The Gram Zan begins to break through the barrierMoera Fatima: Moera takes over from Bes as the pilot of the Ideo-Nova. Cosmo helps him integrate by telling him he'd be better off teaching children.

Kasha Imhof: Kasha continues to get more into her role as Ideo-Buster pilot, rewiring the missile system to suit her better.

Abadede Gurimade: According to Karala, Abadede is an expert in Null Space combat.

The Ideon: Even with the Ideon Gauge dormant, the robot has limited power through a normal engine (much like the Solo Ship).


Cosmo, Moera and Kasha in combat suitsStill more treading water - this is very similar to "Escape into Null Space" in terms of the general plot, while the Abadede/Gije/Damido dynamic is really getting very tired. Every episode the trio come up with the same basic variation on a theme, with the same old clash as Damido wants to wipe out the Solo Ship whereas Gije wants to rescue Karala.

The interaction of the Solo colonists is a little better, mainly thanks to Cosmo's near-relentless sniping at everyone else. The biggest positive is the Ideon deflecting the Gram Zan, a well-constructed sequence showing Cosmo's determination and the power of the Ideon itself.

Some neat visuals aside, though, the plot really needs to push on.