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The Ideon under electro-magnetic attackBes plans to call a ceasefire with the Buff Clan, hoping that returning Karala will buy them the time to leave Solo. Kasha strongly disagrees, but they go ahead with the plan. Contacting the Buff Clan for this is difficult due to differing radio equipment, but Cosmo has the idea of making a giant white flag. This is erected, but unfortunately in the Buff Clan culture a white flag means a fight to the death, not a truce - Damido sees this, and hurriedly orders an assault on the Solo Ship. Mayaya and Karala explain the mistake to Bes.

Fard mopes as Deck clobbers AshuraTekuno and Moera hurriedly strike the white flags, and fly the correct colours; those of the Ideon - red, orange and yellow. However, Damido believes he is being mocked and presses home his attack. Kasha flies out alone to meet them in the Ideo-Buster. Cosmo follows in the Ideo-Delta to cover her, while Bes chases after both of them in the Ideo-Nova. After Cosmo saves Kasha from a death dive, they form Ideon. Damido's squadron attacks the robot with hooks, which then electrify and paralyse the robot. Cosmo orders the engines stopped, and the Ideon falls to the ground, disconnecting the wires from the Buff Clan fighters. As it drives them off, Gije is finally able to link back up with Damido and force him to abide by the ceasefire. Back at the Solo Ship, Karala agrees to help the colonists by providing information in order to end the fighting quickly. Cosmo still distrusts her though.


Bes and Moera, Karala and Mayaya - opposing races, united by their disbelief of what a bitch Sheryl isKasha Imhof: Kasha continues to get more headstrong and fiery. In a rare Ideon animation error, Kasha has brown hair for a few seconds when the crew are discussing the ceasefire on the bridge.

Cosmo Yuki: Cosmo is rather sexist, and also objects to Bes' feelings for Karala.

Damido and subordinateAshura Novak: There's confirmation Ashura's mother was killed in New Lopia. Cosmo is already rubbing off on Deck, as the latter's response to this is to punch the poor girl in the head. Seriously. They manage to cheer her back up, at which point Sheryl makes her cry again, just because Sheryl's a bit of a bitch - check the dirty looks everyone gives her afterwards.

Sheryl Formosa: As mentioned Sheryl isn't good with kids, and is somewhat distant with her sister Lin as well.

Damido Pechi: Damido would rather have Gije out of the way in order to speed up his own promotion.

The Solo Ship: At least one of the blue flying frogs native to Solo have come onboard and live in the forest, where they spend most of their time hassling Sheryl. This is possibly why she's such a bitch.


The Ideon docks with the Solo ShipSadly, the main plot continues to tread water, with the Solo Ship just sitting there while everyone argues about Karala. That said, there's a some rather good ideas - the white flag meaning something different to the Buff Clan is a great moment, while it's easy to see why Damido's running out of patience with Gije.

There are also some interesting bits for most of the characters, with Sheryl continuing to cultivate her ice maiden persona (she's horrible to everyone in this episode), Cosmo swaying between being incredibly perceptive (cottoning on to Bes falling for Karala) and immature (mocking Kasha for having breasts), while Bes' mixed feelings on the situation with Karala are well played.

Best of all, by the end of it there's the threat that things might kick into action.