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Ideon makes a missile attackCosmo and Deck finally take in that their families, and most of the people of New Lopia, are dead. Mayaya arrives at the second excavation site, and is directed inside by a soldier who mistakes her for a colonist, finding Karala. She has decided to stay and find out what the colonists have discovered about the Ide, though she tells Mayaya to transmit a homing signal. The evacuees from New Lopia have been moved into the half-buried ship at the dig, while Sheryl and Joliver try to find out how the ship works. The vessel is being shaken by tremors, while Bes tells Sheryl of his belief that a spy may have sneaked onboard. Mayaya's signal is picked up by Gije and Damido, who mobilise to rescue Karala. She and Mayaya are caught snooping around the engines of the ship by Bes, and Karala comes clean to him about being Buff Clan. Bes cuts off the distress signal and locks them up, but outside the Ideon has already been attacked by Dekka Bau fighters, while a Gadakka force is at the site.

Karala and Mayaya are caughtGije's squad of soldiers easily get inside the ship in the chaos, but when one of his men tries to kill Lotta, Lin and the children his bullets a reflected back to him by a mysterious barrier. Shaken, Gije orders a retreat. Above Solo, his superior Abadede arrives in the Gataman Zan and takes control of the situation. Inside the buried ship, Sheryl shares her findings with Bes, and they resolve to get the ship launched. The survivors stock it with all the supplies they can find. As they finish, Gije leads an attack on the ship. The colonists rush on board as the Ideon defends the ship. Gije manages to damage the robot, but the ship then launches itself, breaking free of the ground.


The Solo Ship protects Lotta, Lin and the childrenLou Piper: Lou is smart enough to realise Ashura's finger isn't a nipple. Clever lad.

Abadede Gurimade: Gije and Damido's immediate superior in the Logo Dau expedition makes his debut.

Cosmo Yuki : Cosmo is gifted with electronics.

Bento Malus: Bento has a go at co-piloting the Ideo-Delta.

Tekuno Gyabari: Tekuno pilots the Ideo-Nova here.

The Solo Ship: The vessel is powered by an antimatter engine - cutting edge, but recognised by Karala (Gije is also familiar with the concept of a barrier, or forcefield) - and a 'normal' engine.

The Ideon Gauge on the Solo Ship's bridgeThe Ideon: Ideon stays combined even after it's driven off the Buff Clan. Gije identifies the engine outlets under the arms as a weak point and scores a direct hit, briefly knocking the thing out of its' stride - weirdly, this weakness will never be exploited by Gije or any other Buff Clan pilot for the rest of the series.

Shooter Katam: The little one-man hovercar type craft used by the Solo military is the Shooter Katam, referred to in the dialogue as a 'shuttle'. Their weaponry seems to consist of whatever the poor chap driving the thing can carry. They do not so good in the battle.

Cavian-Crosus: These types are again seen to be cannon fodder in dogfights with Buff Clan types, and seem to have a simple fixed cannon armament. The top wing can fold up to form a single fin, though this configuration is rarely seen.

Gram Zan: The nose section of the Gram Zan can separate and be used as a landing craft. In this case, it lands Doraangle type tanks - these triangular units are the only conventional ground-based Buff Clan unit in the whole series.

Buff Clan: Sabia is a desirable rank in the military.


The Ideon watches the Solo Ship riseMuch better, blessed with a cracking pace but maintaining a lot of the mystery. Despite some good fight scenes, the Ideon takes a back seat to the Solo ship, while Bes, Karala and Sheryl all continue to develop nicely.

The bewilderment of both sides is portrayed nicely, and while the lack of any physical exploration of New Lopia is bothersome, it's nice to see Cosmo, Deck, Lin and Lotta finally taking in what exactly has happened.

There's a real sense of the elements coming together to set things up, and while you could argue it's convenient that the colonists now have a super ship to go with their super robot, at least there's a good plot reason for their fortune.