First Appearance: Episode 2 - "The Destruction of New Lopia"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Tekuno was based at New Lopia, but survived the Buff Clan attack on the city and regrouped with the others at the second excavation site. He got his first taste of the Ideon soon afterwards, briefly piloting the Ideo-Nova is Bes' absence. However, his long term role on the Ideon would be that of co-pilot, usually alongside Kasha in the Ideo-Buster, or occasionally with Cosmo in the Ideo-Delta. When the Ideon was in combined form, his role was generally to operate the Glen Cannon turret located in the robot's waist. Tekuno was rarely seen disagreeing with anyone, and occasionally chipped in with helpful advice during battles.

After Kasha opted to remain on the Solo Ship, Tekuno took over sole control of the Ideo-Buster, though it stayed in combined form and his responsibilites mainly extended to the missile launchers. He was killed when the Ideon was destroyed by the Gando Rowa.

His spirit fittingly later turned up kicking around aimlessly with that of Bento's.