First Appearance: Episode 4 - "Escape from Planet Solo"
Final Appearance: Episode 32 - "Amidst the Flames of Fate"

A weak child when growing up, Moera nevertheless went on to become a pilot He was a Cavian-Crosus pilot stationed at New Lopia at the time of the Buff Clan attack, and one of the few to survive. He evacuated onto the Solo Ship shortly before it left Solo.

He soon took over piloting duties on the Ideo-Nova, initially as a relief pilot, and then full-time as Bes concentrated on commanding the Solo Ship. He fell in love with the ship's medic, Rapoh, and also acted as something of a father-figure to the orphan Fard, trying to get him to grow up. Because of this new family he found himself with, he became very passionate about the Solo Ship finding an empty planet somewhere and starting a new colony. Moera would seem to be little more than an average pilot - though like Bes his abilities probably weren't boosted by the Ide, and to be fair most of the Cavian-Crosus were wiped out so he can't have been that bad if he survived.

However when battling Rukuku Kil's squadron near Saturn the Ideo-Nova cockpit caught fire. Desperate to destroy Rukuku's ships and protect his adoptive family on the Solo Ship, Moera remained at the controls until Cosmo was able to destroy the enemy with the Ideon Gun before succumbing to his wounds.

His spiritual form was eventually reunited with Rapoh after her death on the Solo Ship.