First Appearance: Episode 2 - "The Destruction of New Lopia"
Final Appearance: Episode 37 - "Colony of Hatred"

Lin, Sheryl's younger sister, spent most of her days helping Lotta out in the fields on Solo. She moved onto the Solo Ship with the bulk of the surviving colonists when the Buff Clan attacked. Once onboard, her duties mainly included looking after the young children on the ship and helping Lotta out once more with the crops and cooking.

Nice but bland, it would seem Lin didn't have the brains, looks or personality of her sister, and generally just helped where she could in the background during the Solo Ship's journey (though, to be honest if the children were that determined, they gave her the slip rather easily - even Lou escaped from her care at least once by himself).

When the Solo Ship returned to Ajian and its' civilian compliment were taken hostage by Commodore, she was shot as proof he was serious in his intentions. Typically, her death was more notable for the effect it had on Sheryl.

She was finally reunited with Big Sister in spirit form.