First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Kasha was separated from her parents and sent to Planet A92 for unspecified reasons before moving on to Solo. There she became friends with Cosmo and Deck, and often followed them around. This meant she was present at the Sixth Civilisation archaeological dig when the Buff Clan attacked Solo. She took shelter in the Sol-Conver truck and as no replacements presented themselves stayed on as secondary pilot for the Ideon, as well as pilot for the Ideo-Buster jet.

Kasha was a fast learner, though initially she was rather headstrong at the controls of the Ideo-Buster, often putting her in sticky situations. However, she develops into an excellent pilot. She later claims she's a natural pilot, though this is probably posturing in front of Cosmo, and it's likely the Ide boosted her skill. She has something of a quick temper, and is often wound up by Cosmo's teasing. Kasha can also be stubborn - she was (along with Sheryl) one of the last Solo Ship colonists to warm to Karala, and one of the most outspoken opponents of Gije joining the crew. Her rivalry with Cosmo eventually develops into a very affectionate bond, and she becomes mildly jealous of Karala for having a man and being pregnant.

This leads to Kasha deciding to leave her duties on the Ideon in order to provide protection for the pregnant Karala. However, Lady Harulu was able to kill Karala when Kasha was distracted. She continued to defend Karala's body and her unborn baby Messiah, but was killed by the shrapnel from a rocket explosion.

Karala's spirit form attempted to awaken the slumbering Cosmo but in the end Kitty Kitten was the only one able to, perhaps indicating he and Kasha were always meant to simply be friends.