First Appearance: Episode 2 - "The Destruction of New Lopia"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Joliver was a military engineer based on Solo. When Bes and the others discovered the Ideon, he was called in to oversee the fitting of Glen Cannons and missile launchers to the robot. After the colonists fled the planet Joliver took over as chief engineer of the Solo Ship, although he would often help out on the bridge as well. He would be regarded as one of the key members of the crew.

Joliver was often grumpy, but that's perhaps understandable as people were often asking him questions about the super-advanced alien spaceship and honestly expecting him to know the answers. He's a straightforward kind of chap, though, and is one of the first colonists to accept Karala. He is also a passable pilot, generally being used for shuttles and the like whenever the other pilots are engaged.

Joliver was transported to the Bairal Jin along with Karala, and met her father Doba (the only member of the crew to meet him directly). When Doba attacked Karala, Joliver blocked his sword, sustained a bad wound on his back. The pair were rescued by the Solo Ship, at which point Joliver told Karala that if Bes hadn't got there first, he'd have been interested in her (which is about the closest he comes to showing anyone much affection). Joliver played down the extent of his injury, and stayed on the Ideon in the ensuing battle, doing his best to monitor the robot's normal engine. However, he eventually died of his wound.