First Appearance: Episode 2 - "The Destruction of New Lopia"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Hatari survived the Buff Clan's attack on New Lopia, and soon slotted into the role of pilot and navigator of the Solo Ship. He largely functions as Bes' first officer, and is generally unflappable and, well, nondescript.

However, at one stage he was less than happy with life onboard the Solo Ship, and agreed to pilot a Karioka shuttle to Dabo Star with Sheryl. However, they were captured by Doku, and after Sheryl made Karala take the fall for the escape attempt kept his head down.

Hatari took temporary charge of the ship when Bes fell ill and managed to not blow it up. He controlled the ship to the very end during the final battle with the Buff Clan, dying from a head wound a split-second after completing its' final journey to the Gando Rowa.

Hatari was so non-descript he had to share a character animation sheet with Moera, hence the weirdness with his right arm above.