First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

A young boy, Deck was a good friend of Cosmo's, often following him around. He sneaked onboard Cosmo's hovercar and hitched a ride to the first Sixth Civilisation excavation site. When the Buff Clan attacked, he boarded the Sol-Amber with Cosmo and then sat in on the resurrection of the Ideon.

After this he was taken onboard the Solo Ship, and helped Lotta and Lin out with the younger children onboard. He tended to do this sulkily, and often cause more trouble than his charges. Deck was always ready to drop everything to help Cosmo with any little task, and eventually took up studying in order to get on the Ideon crew.

He eventually came in as Cosmo's first permanent co-pilot on the Ideo-Delta. Initially he was left behind for more dangerous missions, however when it became clear the Ideon reacted best to younger crew members he became a fixture. His studies also came in handy as his mathematical skill allowed him to calculate better trajectories for the Ideon's weapons - his crowning glory was working out a shot that allowed the Ideon Gun to cripple the Bairal Jin when it was in hyperspace. Deck is probably Cosmo's best friend, despite the age difference, and like him Deck was largely a sensible, clever young chap who could occasionally be very immature.

In the final battle with the Buff Clan, Deck switched to manning the Ideo-Nova cockpit alongside Bento when Kasha elected to remain on the Solo Ship. He was killed, along with his constant companion Rapappa, when the Gando Rowa destroyed the Ideon.