First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Ideon Resurrected"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Bes was the son of a soldier named Mark Jordan and his wife Elmi, and played American Football as a teenager. He was one of the highest ranking soldiers on the new colony of Solo, attached to the local air force. He found out about the Sixth Civilisation machines and led a squad to the dig site in order to seize them for the military. However, while he was arguing with Rouri and Sheryl, the Buff Clan attacked the site. Despite Bes' best efforts the colony forces were massacred.

Subsequently, he would take over piloting duties for the Ideo-Nova fighter, while also operating some systems on the Ideon. However, as the highest ranking soldier to survive the assault, he also assumed command of the Solo Ship. After a short while he relinquished duties as Ideo-Nova pilot in order to concentrate on his other responsibilities.

Bes fell for Karala as soon as he saw her, but their relationship was initially difficult as the colonists had difficulty trusting the Buff Clan woman. Bes would remain fiercely protective of Karala, even attacking an entire Buff Clan squadron single-handedly to save her from Harulu. He initially clashed with Cosmo, even going to the extent of imprisoning him and Kasha, and also often clashed with Sheryl when his practical plans clashed with her research needs. His decision to stay loyal to the colonists even after they returned to Earth alienated him from his parents, while the strain of command led to him collapsing from a fever on one occasion.

Bes is little more than an average pilot, though in fairness the Ide probably wasn't boosting his abilities due to his age. His main strengths lie in his leadership ability, helping the Solo Ship to survive numerous battles against the Buff Clan. He is also a master of hand-to-hand combat - especially with a laser sword, which he has used to take down at least two Buff light mecha and to duel the experienced Buff Clan general Guhaba.

Karala's death, when pregnant with his child, deeply upset Bes, though he continued to direct the defence of the Solo Ship. After sheer weight of numbers overwhelmed the colonists, he was left as one of the last few alive on the ship. Despite being shot in the arm, the side and in the neck, he survived until the Solo Ship was destroyed by the exploding Gando Rowa.

His spiritual form was then reunited with his beloved Karala, and their child Messiah (who inherited his natural green hair).