First Appearance: Episode 2 - "The Destruction of New Lopia"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Ashura's parents were killed in New Lopia, and along with Deck, Fard and Lou she was cared for on the ship by Lotta, Lin and later Karala. Despite being younger than Deck or Fard, she was usually the ring leader in whatever caper the kids got up to, be it wandering off on a planet full of dinosaurs or boarding the Ideon.

Due to both her natural enthusiasm and the dwindling number of colonists, Ashura would take on whatever tasks she could to help onboard, including minding the ship's chickens and helping resupply.

When the Buff Clan boarded the Solo Ship during the colonists' last stand, Ashura helped man various barricades, and despite her rifle being bigger than her and the force of firing knocking her over, was actually not too bad at it. However, she was killed on the bridge by a Buff Clan trooper when a volley on gunfire decapitated her.