First Appearance: Episode 35 - "Surfacing from Darkness"
Final Appearance: Episode 36 - "Goodbye Solo Ship"

After it became clear that the Solo Ship wasn't going to comply with the Earth Union's orders, a squadron left by Marshall was sent to destroy them. They briefly engaged the colonists over Doumou Star. Marshall was then contacted by Hannibal of the Buff Clan, who proposed a brief alliance.

Together they devised a plan to trap the Solo Ship on the planet Night Star, and fire a Sublight missile at it, effectively dropping the planet's moon on the ship. Hannibal carried out his part of the plan, pining down the colonists and sacrificing himself so the missiles could hit. However, the Ideon Swords stopped the debris from damaging the Solo Ship.

Soon afterwards, the colonists planned to abandon and destroy the ship and the robot. Franklin provided them with a ship to escape on, and watched from a distance. However, once the ship was abandoned he sent it men to capture it. The colonists returned to stop them, while a Buff Clan fleet led by Galbaba Gra also moved in. Franklin was surprised to find Galbaba had no intention of working with him, and the Union squadron was wiped out. Franklin died when his flagship, the Scarabelli, was destroyed.

Marshall's squadron is first seen in episode 34 but Marshall himself wasn't. Marshall does seem to be his name.