Doesn't he look a bit like the kid off King of the Hill?FRENDALI LIMITTER

Sole Appearance: Episode 28 - "Wrath of the Wave Leader Gun"

When the information from Gloria was transmitted to Earth, Limitter's squadron was dispatched to the moon to recover the Sixth Civilisation's machinery. He attempted to bargain with Sheryl. He was interrupted when Daram attacked the moon again, and Limitter ignored warnings from Bes about the nature of the enemy.

Even Limitter's large vessels were no match for the Buff Clan, and his flagship Musashi crashed on the moon after damage from the Gerowa Zan. The Ideon defeated the Buff Clan, but an injured Limitter ordered his crippled flagship to fire on the Solo Ship. The Ideon disarmed the battleship, which then exploded, killing Limitter.