First Appearance: Episode 34 - "When the Meteors Fall"
Final Appearance: "Be Invoked"

Emperor of Buff, Zuou had somehow raised the ire of military Supreme Commander Doba, who sees the Ideon as a way of taking command of the Buff Empire. He was not a well man, needing medication. Zuou also became interested in acquiring the Sixth Civilisation's technology, and dispatched Rukuku to get it for him. However, she was killed in the attempt.

Zuou is killed when his palace was struck by a meteorite, as Buff was destroyed by the Ide. His spirit is later shown with Doba, expressing respect for Cosmo and Kasha.

Quite what Zuou had done to piss Doba off so much is never explained. Indeed, Zuou is limited to a silent, barely glimpsed cameo in the TV series, and just a brief death scene (plus his spirit) in Be Invoked. He's more of a catalyst explaining the actions of Doba and Gindoro than a character.