First Appearance: Episode 28 - "Wrath of the Wave Leader Gun"
Final Appearance: Episode 32 - "Amidst the Flames of Fate"

By the time Harulu arrived back on Buff, the Ideon was attracting attention from Emperor Zuou himself. He dispatched a squadron led by the trusted Rukuku to capture the machines for himself. She picked up Daram along the way to find out more about the colonists, but her clear dislike of the Ajiba family and the Ome Foundation meant they had a somewhat spiky relationship.

Her first attempt to capture the Ideon used the new Adigo mecha, as well as the unique, specially-developed Barume Baram craft. However, the Barume Baram was destroyed by the Ideon Swords over the Moon. Shocked by the Ideon's power, Rukuku changed tack, directly attacking Earth to draw the colonists out. She then nearly captured the Ideon once more with a Freezer Skatch attack. However, once again the robot found new reserves of power, using the Ideon Gun to escape. Despite Daram's death shortly afterwards making her operation run more smoothly, a further attempt using the new Abzonol type also failed as the Ideon's power levels began to climb.

Rukuku found a video addressed to Harulu. Playing it back, she found his plaintive last words to his former lover amusing. However, she was overheard by Kulara, an agent of Harulu. Rukuku engaged the Solo Ship over Saturn, but the Adigos failed to contain the Ideon and her own Garowa Zan was soon threatened. With the battle turning against them, Kulara took the opportunity to kill Rukuku and avenge Daram for Harulu. Seconds later, the Garowa Zan was destroyed by the Ideon Gun.

Her spirit later appeared alongside that of her assassin when the Earth was reborn.