Sole Appearance: Episode 33 - "Waft Area Gamble"

Mebarul was a subordinate of Hannibal on the Killot Zan, Mebarul devised a strategy to destroy the Ideon. She planned to use the Gidu Mack craft to drag the robot into the Waft Area asteroid field, then leave it for the Vandes - a silicon-based lifeform that lived in the area - to destroy.

The plan seemed to work, and she set off to attack the Solo Ship. However, the Ideon freed itself with the Ideon Swords. She tried to capture it again, but the robot split into its' three components. Mebarul chased the Ideo-Nova, but Gije confused her by claiming to be a double agent. She hesitated, and was killed when the Ideon units destroyed her craft.

The reason for her pink glasses and crazy turban were never explained. She might have been some sort of psychotic hippy, though.